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Hey guys! just posted a new blog post with 4 things that have helped me to become a more efficient artist! you can read it HERE, but I'll also post the info here! :)
The following speedpaint took me 15 minutes:
Ross Speedpaint by Ai-yoku
This was very possible, very easy to do, and in fact could probably take even less time. here are some things I've done to improve my speed while still maintaining an appropriate level of quality. 

1. MAKING COMICS! - As you guys know, I post 2 comic updates per week (Weds & Sat). In order to stay ahead of schedule, that means I must draw AT LEAST 2 pages a week (I usually exceed this), which also means that I must maintain a certain level of speed. If you're a comic artist, try to get in the habit of timing yourself for each page you do. Once you have a general idea of how long a page takes you, strive to get EVEN FASTER without sacrificing quality. You will also learn a lot about how you work and your skills will be refined, inevitably.

2. PRACTICE EXERCISES! Apart from making comic pages, I'll usually do practice exercises where I aim to improve efficiency. I'll give myself a time limit and a theme and then draw based on that. I usually don't post those (though I may do so in the future), but I'll do this daily. try setting aside 1/2 an hour a day and do 3 sets of 10 minute drawings, themed under whatever you like. This forces you to find ways to achieve certain effects with limited time, which brings me to my next point:

3. FIND NEW, EFFICIENT WAYS TO CREATE ART! This is something I mentioned in a previous post about 10 things I've learned from making comics. As you grow and evolve as an artist, so should your techniques. The picture I posted above probably would've taken me over an hour if I'd drawn it a year ago, but the reason it was done so fast is because I've modified my techniques. For example, I used to use lots of layers to preserve certain effects because I would mess up a lot, and it was easier to fix things that way. Since my skills have improved, however, I have a higher level of accuracy so doing things on tons of layers isn't necessary. The picture above used only 5 layers (background, sketch, flats, shadows, inks). easy, right? And so refining your technical skills is REALLY important!

4. STUDY THE BASICS! Aside from all of the above, you should be practicing anatomy, life drawing, perspective, ect on a daily basis. A lot of time is wasted redoing things over and over again if you don't know how to draw them correctly! Too many artists make the mistake of neglecting the technicalities of illustration, don't be one of them! You may be slow at first, it may be frustrating to learn, but if you stay consistent with your efforts then the speed will come with time. Try reading books or taking classes, or asking others for advice on how to improve your problem areas. You'll be surprised just how easy it is for your weaknesses to become your strengths. 

Basically, what you should be taking away from this post is that not only do you have to draw, but you have to GRIND! Don't just draw every now and then, draw A LOT! EVERY DAY! Treat your art like a job, pour your energy into your craft and it will give back to you. Good luck and take care! :)

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